Happy Valentine’s Day ~ How to find your perfect mate

<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 343px"I loveee Danboo

I loveee Danboo

(◦’⌣’◦)╮ ╋╋ɑ̤̈̊iĭ ╋╋ɑ̤̈̊iĭ..see you back on my first blog in 2012. It’s been a while after New Year and Chinese New “Dragon” Year. Here most couple come ~> Valentine’s Day..

For me, this year spent the day with beloved family and friends (*still struggling to find the one, hopefully soon wkwkw..) No problem, everyday can be Valentine’s day. It’s just matter of marking the date of celebrating this special celebration, rite?! 😀

Soo, I’d like to share with you all useful tips what I’ve got from talkshow I have attended and some discussions ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ “̮

First of all, 5 basic what men and women needs. As you know popular saying that Man is from Mars and Woman is from Venus, therefore there will be some differences as outlined below:

1. Sex
2. Companiment / Best Friends
3. Attractive Spouse
4. Domestic Support (penurut)
5. Admiration

1. Affection, Protection and Comfort
2. Conversation (It’s critical for successful relationship)
3. Honesty and Openness
4. Financial Support
5. Family Commitment

Next, how to find my perfect mate. Here several guidelines you need to pay attention:

a. Fear of God: As in Christian point of view it is most recommended that you find partner who has same faith as you.
b. Man’s free will: God is so good that He gives us freedom to ask from Him what kind of lifetime spouse you want 😉
c. God’s Natural Law: You tend to find your soulmate from your surroundings. Here, there is warning that women may have golden age period between 22-30 y.o (┐(‘⌣’┐) Go!gO! girls -(ˆ▽ˆ)/)
d. Beware of Satanic influence: You have to keep your relationship holy until it’s the right time (marriage)  

Last but not least and the most important point that most people question is how we can know if we have found oh this is the one or not. “And this righteousness will bring peace. Yes, it will bring quietness and confidence forever.” (Isaiah 32:17, NLT). If you have found the one, God will surely lead your path, though it may not necessarily be a smooth one but you can feel the joy and peace because He blesses both of you. In addition, the relationship will set you free and give opportunity to make you grow more and becoming better person..

Hopefully my short summary above helps. Thanks for reading and hope you have great weekend, (≧▽≦)づ♥.. God bless all of you ☺