My note from ICA Chosen Kids Easter Camp at Villa Sahabat, Trawas (April 6-8, 2012)

In mid of March 2012, Ps. Ingres, beautiful young and talented kids pastor BBM me and asked whether I can join Chosen Kids Camp and help as photographer. I was very honored to be entrusted with the task yet I should have asked permission from my parents before I finally said yes.

Honestly, my expectation was so-so for this camp. Since I never joined any Sunday school camp, yes it was my first-time experience. So, I was thinking that it’d be like the ordinary camp I usually attended during my childhood time.

Then March 17 came, it was the day when first meeting is held. It explained about the rules both for leaders and kids; assignments to all volunteers; division for each team and maybe the unique part is that we have to sign like a contract that we will do everything without complaining and arguing. Also, we will participate in every activities with all of our heart, our mind, our soul and our strength. You can see the contract pic on the video too 😀

On Sunday, April 1st is our last briefing before the camp. Ps. Ingres reminded us the checklist for things we have to bring, and for me it’s of course the CAMERA and battery. Yes, it’s really important since I ever forgot to bring the battery and I couldn’t take a lot of pictures then (зˆヮˆε) hihi hihi *sigh* And I just knew that there is poin system in the camp for each group. For example, if the group member comes early they can get an extra point (Wat a good motivation, isn’t it? ;)). And there will be present later for the team that collects the most point, ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ “̮ The group leaders were assigned to read about Moses Life in Bible and they had to follow such a test too. And of course, if they could answer correctly, more extra points as usual hohoh. Then, it was closed with prayer and worship >> still remember that we sang Arms Open Wide song and we prayed for each other too ^^.

Friday, April 6: Meeting point 6.30 am at A&W PTC. Today is the day \=D/
We will go to Trawas by 2 buses which will fit for around 50 kids and leaders. Unfortunately, 1 bus broke down so some of us have to wait for another bus coming. Some kids were so anxious and teachers tried to calm them down until the bus finally came although we reached the destination late. Praise the Lord that we all finally arrived safely and not using the broke-down bus. Can you imagine if the kids already in the bus and suddenly something bad happened while we were on the way?? Me myself couldn’t imagine how panic all of us if it had happened. It’s better we waited for some time but we can arrive safely, Thank you God! ☺

The villa had beautiful view and more fresh air than in Surabaya. We gathered together in the basketball court and Mr. Ridwan and also Ms. Kelly (both are awesome too =D) briefed all the kids, distributed the book and divided them into groups. Again, the cute one was the leaders have to find out all team members silently XD. They were divided into 6 groups (using the names of Judges in the Bible: Eli, Deborah, Gideon, Otniel, Samson, and Jephthah), so there was 9-10 kids each group. Since the camp was held during Easter time, each team is given an egg that should be kept until the end of camp. Again, if they didn’t break it some extra points awaited them. Hahah..

Each group will have its turn to lead in worship time and prepare food/kitchen duty. Oh, almost forgot that each group will also perform drama later on. So, I felt that all was fully-participated in this camp.

After session one and lunch, it’s craft time! They have to color their Chosen bag with their own design. Love how they can be so creative =) Aha! Got an idea.. Since Ms. Carlyna told me that I should have each kid’s pic close up and to be honest it’s not quite easy. You had to be good in capturing candid moment while some of them are shy shy cat. Then I claimed that if they wanted to collect stamp from me, they should give the best pose. And suddenly most of them begged X_X “Beautiful miss Dewi, can you take my photos and then give me stamp.” (‾⌣‾٥) >> serasa jd seleb dadakan hahah

We really had fun together in the games like protected the thrown egg, Egyptian look-alike wedding dress competition, water-balloon war (Fortunately, I was saved from it because I took the pics =p LOL) and Bon Fire time with marshmallows and hot chocolate. We also had birthday surprise for Alex too. Arrggghhhh..It was really a blessing to share the joy and laughter (≧▽≦)づ♥

Mentioning the egg, I remembered this. There was one girl in grade 2 named Ana (I know her since I help assisting Ms. Resly in SS) . Each team member in group had their turn to take the egg whenever he/she went. Unluckily, when it was Ana’s turn she broke the egg and she felt really bad for it. She felt bombarded by her friends’ questions why she broke the egg. Then she cried and I tried to calm her down, I also told the Eli’s leader (Mr. Wijaya) and he took over 😀

Another surprise I got was two pieces of note and a small wooden-cross with the memory verse. It was from Ana and Eli group. Ana said, “Thank you for being kind to me αиϑ I ♥ you Ms. Dewi..” >> Aww, how sweet isn’t that.. thank you too dear ( ◦˘ з(◦’ں’◦)~♡.

Then from Eli: “Dear Ms. Dewi, Thank U for the creative photos” and there are cute drawings on it. I felt so appreciated, thank you.. ☺

Thank you for the preach delivered by Ms. Sara and Ms. Carlyna. (Even though it was maybe your first-time, you did a great job ((y)ˆ ³ˆ)(y)) Feel blessed by the sermons. Many thanks too for the Kitchen-team (Ms. Junita, Deborah and May) who woke up soo early in the morning to prepare our food >> I knew tis since they’re my roommates, hehe.. The soto, meatball spaghetti and all the food was perfect (っ˘ڡ˘c) *yumm. Last but not least, the music team (Sefanya, Winona, Noel and Mr. Andy the leader) who had prepared all the music instruments and arranged practices during the camp. ǤǑĐ:)ƁĹ€ŠŠ:)ЎÖŮ all

Sunday afternoon, April 8: Back to Surabaya. Thank you for the Cross Lord O:)
Although all of us were very tired and exhausted, the kids were still highly-spirited (Soo impressive, rite?!). They kept singing the camp’s songs on the way back ♪\(´▿`♪)♬(♪´▿`)/Lªlå Lª. Most of them begged to extend the camp which was totally impossible because their parents and school waited for them next day, (>̯-̮<) H¡h¡h¡..

Overall although we faced some problems and trials during camp, thankss God for His protection and provision. If God allows us to it, believe that He will make us able through it. Okay then see you next time and happy Easter 😀

You can see the pics on my Facebook page (Dewi Indriawati Tanjaya)


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