One Culinary Day Trip @Madiun (January 9-10, 2015)

What comes into your mind when you heard Madiun culinary?

Is it Pecel?! Aha! You’re right 😀 Pecel in Madiun are everywhere and it’s common there to eat pecel for dinner (not like here in Surabaya, most likely pecel is menu for breakfast or lunch hehehe..) Since Madiun is famous for its pecel, there’s even Pecel Statue in the city centre area (too bad not having time to capture it).

This time, we spent a night in Madiun to attend our friend’s engagement the following day in Ngawi (#Jemyerinna’s Engagement). After we reached Madiun in the evening (approx.2 hours by Sancaka train from Surabaya Gubeng station), we contacted the hotel whether they have pick up service or not. It’s dinner time & after booking a car, we asked the driver to take us to the most recommended warung Pecel. He mentioned that we should go to Pecel Bu Wir Kabul and we just trusted & followed him. It won’t take long time to reach the place, Madiun is a small city that you can spend around an hour by car to go explore the whole city.

Pecel Bu Wir Kabul is located at jl. Cokroaminoto 137, not only selling pecel. U can buy sambel pecel, brem, lempeng, kripik tempe, kripik paru, kripik usus, kripik cakar, bring home or for souvenirs later on.

IMG_5389 IMG_5390


One portion of pecel (original ver.) unbelievable cheap only IDR 5K, if you want to add chicken or meat u have to pay more with still very reasonable price 😀 Sambel pecel sold at IDR 11K each (nett.weight 250 gram).

20150109_183816 20150112_160018


Arrived in hotel and met Jemy’s family we went to another place for dinner at Lombok Idjo. Since we already ate pecel before we just ordered fried tempe and sayur asem wkwkw.

IMG_5398 IMG_5402 DSC08418 20150109_202518


The next day, after having light breakfast in the morning we planned to try another Madiun specialty and our option went to Soto Ayam “Kondang” (depan Klenteng) still located near the Pecel we ate last night at Cokroaminoto 58. Opens everyday from 06.30-13.30 and reopens in the evening 17.30-22.30. When we arrived there around 8 a.m., the place were crowded but luckily the turnover of the people come in, eat and go quite fast so we could have a seat after 10 mins.waiting. The soto tasted good (8/10), price IDR 16K (with rice).


Pic courtesy of @isebast896


Soto Ayam “Kondang” yum yum


“Sumringah” faces after having the soto 😀

















Don’t forget we also bought Bluder Bu Cokro nearby for souvenirs (also located in Cokroaminoto 36). There we could also see part of the process of making bluder 🙂


Watched part of the process-making (1)


Watched part of the process-making (2)










Wait until the dough mixture to expand big enough for further process


Bluder Cokro signage



Time to leave Madiun now.. loved its pecel, soto Kondang & the bluder there ❤ ❤ ❤


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