Note from Healing the Past, Releasing Your Future Seminar

Heal the Past, Releasing Your Future

Got the opportunities to join this 3 days seminar, it’s really worth it & would like to share it with y’all 🙂

IPH 13-15 Oct 2015

Catherine Fabiano

  • Eph 1: 17; 1 Peter 1: 23; Psalm 139: 13-16
  • Phil 2 >> Work at your salvation

Maturity … Complete

  • Impressions started in utero (dalam kandungan)
    • Accepted/ Rejected
    • Belong/ Not Belong
    • Exist/ Not Exist
  • Bonding
    • Physical

First 6 months are foundation for your stability in the future

  • Emotional > not automatically

5 months in utero baby starts to hear internal voice (it’s like what u hear when you shout and closes your both ears) and tries to connect to outside world.

  • Sympathetic Bond à Baby understands what’s going on with the parents even before when they’re born (doesn’t have to know exactly by words, can tell only from the feeling)
  • Spiritual Bond
  • If there’s any problem, these may happen:
  1. Existence Issues à Ritual preference of baby boy more than a girl
  2. Rejection Issues à Miscarriage/ Abortion (shadow of death spirit)

If you happen to experience this and survive, it’s just God’s protection.

It’s not normal to be attracted to life’s threatening activities.

  1. Autistic Behaviour
  • Autism can happen if the process is failed (cannot speak from heart to heart or suddenly the wall goes up)
  • Natural Autism à cannot build good connection with other people/ cannot be a good listener (all about him/ herself)
  1. Anxiety Disorders
  2. Panic Attacks

And there’ll be impressions that what bad things/ situation happen because of the baby.



  1. Normal >> the initiative should come from the baby.
  2. Premature >> there is tendency to have impression: to do things kinda in a rush.
  3. Induced >> baby has impression: Don’t push me!
  4. Late birth
  5. Caesarean >> baby has the impression that decision for him/ herself is determined by others.
  6. Instrument Assisted
  7. Traumatic Birth >> Impression: Cautious to start new things

Birth is the first victory of human because we push in & perseverance to be born & come out to this world

  • God can rework our history into something beautiful
  • Crying is the only way for baby to communicate, mom/ parents should not interpret it wrong since baby is helpless and totally dependent on others
  • First 6 months of baby life is important for mom to understand the need and respond it, it can make them turn into raging baby/ passive one.
  • BIRTH – 6 months:
  1. Basic Trust
  2. Existence (Internal & External à How they get treated)
  3. Self-concept: God wants us to have good self-concept
  4. Problem solving
  5. Communication >> Crying. God hears when we cry, come to Him!
  • Adult Problem Solving: Feeling > Thinking > Doing > Problem-solved

Hunger Pangs > Crying > (Mom Presents Food) Sucking > Satisfaction

  • Psalm 34: 15; Psalm 107: 19
  • Fulfilment for babies in the first 6 months is important for the growth because he/ she can trust the mom
  • Problem if not:
    • Inability to trust
    • Existence Issues (experience roughness)
    • Difficulty with Thinking & Problem Solving
    • Communication Problems
    • Passivity/ Rage
    • Poor Self-Concept



Day 2 (October 14, 2015)

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: God’s Plan for Growing Up

  • 6-18 months Developmental Tasks
    • Exploration
    • Mobility
    • Initiative
    • Motivation
    • Creativity
    • Concept Learning
  • Neural Connections for baby are the fastest in this stage, so they need to explore the world/ surroundings more (prime learning time) >> 30% more significant growth in brain mess based on research.
  • It can frustrate baby & block the initiative from growing
  • Foundation of dream & vision given from God
  • Creative is not only for art, instead in every field of expertise/ interest
  • Focus on what excitement > Motivation to get there fires up the INITIATIVE > Figure out how to reach the GOAL (Problem-solving) > Satisfaction (If Successful).
  • ADHD kids based on research shown no problem in neurological (brain).
  • Motivation should be from inside. External one won’t last.
  • Medication for kids shouldn’t be done >> it makes them not being themselves.
  • Labelling kids is not good.
  • If kids are forbidden & they’re still striving > they’ll be in doubt if things they’re doing are ok.
  • Kids between 6-18 months need to learn these:
    • Spatial Relationships > how things are set up in space in relationship to other things. They need to learn about hot/ cold, over/ under, etc.
    • Conceptual Relationship > creating images in your mind.
  • Total Healing starts from praying for the root of the problems.
  • Most of the time, we pray for the obvious problem (physical). You need to pray for the CAUSE, not the symptoms.
  • John 7:24 >> Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly. There’s reason behind everything.
  • If you got dream from God, then speak it out for it will release the power.
  • Luke 10-19> God has given authority over all power of enemy. You can CRUSH them, NOTHING will injure you.
  • Problems may happen if there is something inappropriate:
    • Insufficient Self Initiative/ Motivation lacking
    • Anxious/ Agitated
    • Passive/ Insecure
    • Chronic Frustration
      • ATTENTION!!! Kids need others to give them support, not showing them how to do it better than them.
    • Over Adaptive/ Fear of man
  • God doesn’t want us to be someone else, just want us to be the BEST of ourselves.
  • Everyone has his/ her own gift.


    • Separation: Baby just realized that they’re separated from the mom & has own free will.
    • The brain hasn’t developed to know the cause-effect (WHY), kids just know if doing that something bad not good for them.
    • They need DISCIPLINE (Teaching, Training, Correction the righteousness), not PUNISHMENT. Punishment to kids will make them more aggressive, violent and abusive in the future. Instead of using rod >> Use CORNERING.
  • Figurative meanings of rod
    • Symbol of authority
    • Extension of shepherd’s right arm (Psalm 23)
    • Symbol of strength & power in any serious situation
  • Challenge: They need to learn cooperation.
  • Problems for 2 years old:
    • Negative/ Oppositional
    • Competition/Control issues
    • Boundaries-lacking/ insufficient
    • Over-adaptive
    • Social contract lacking/ insufficient


  • IDENTITY ( 3 – 5 Years)
    • Sex Role Identification
      • Tell kids to keep it special just for themselves. Don’t show it to others; don’t go alone with strangers.
      • They need ROLE MODELS from the parents.
      • Parents/ Adults need to set CLEAR boundaries.
      • If there is confusion, maybe there’s brokenness and they need HEALING.
    • Information Gathering >> what you believe inside.
      • Kids in this stage have high curiosity, they will ask questions a lot basis of reality in surrounding, start to think cause & effect.
      • Parents need to tell accurate information.
      • Don’t hesitate to REPEAT.


  • Social/ Conversational Skills
    • They can’t keep secret > they do it to test the response from the society.
    • They imitate a lot from parents (what they say).
    • They need to be taught to LABEL what FEELINGS and how to say nice things, for example: Please, Thank you, excuse me, etc.
    • Need to learn when its time to TALK & LISTEN – Active Listening with Attentiveness.
    • Need to learn good & accepted behaviour/ attitude in society.
    • 80% communication is non-verbal > through body language/ facial expression.
    • Limitation on gadgets/ electronics and more interactive with kids.
  • Acculturation (penyesuaian diri)


  • Problems may occur for 3-5 Years kids:
    • Social Ineptitude (cannot socialize)
    • Shameful to ask questions
    • Fears/ Phobias
    • Dreams without Action
    • Sex role confusion/ problems
    • Rituals/ Compulsive Behaviours
    • Self-righteous/ Legalistic
    • Over-Adaptive


  • 4 YEARS

Kids start to be aware of what is FEAR. It’s yet attractive for them learn how to deal with it. Parents ga bole lebay (REINFORCE FEAR). Since kids still are not sensitive with what’s imaginary and real. Parents should help kids IDENTIFY & deal with it. Parents should NOT use fear to make kids obey >> DESTRUCTIVE!!!


  • Problem may happen with 6-12 YEARS kids:
    • Injustice Issues
    • Addiction
    • Inflexible-Rules/ Values
    • Insecure in Gifts & Callings
    • Unaware of Destiny.


  • 3 Questions:
  1. What’s the problem/ challenge in your adult life?
  2. When did this first happen in your life as a child? What is the root of the problem? Ask Holy Spirit to show u.
  3. Ask Jesus to show you what the Father really wanted for that time? What the Father’s will was for your life?

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